Poem – Autumn Leaf

Once in a while I take on various shades
Various shades of me
I’m cool and warm, green or orange, red or blue.
I’m not a chameleon I’m just diverse
I just want you to experience all the aspects that I am.

Camouflage I may,
Who wouldn’t protect themselves?
Not always my line of protection
But once in awhile I do
Albeit conscious not to make it a habit

Camouflage I may but to lose my uniqueness-nope.
If tomorrow you see a different shade
Don’t accuse me of being pretentious
Don’t be fixated on my past I am but a dynamic being.
At times I wear a shade I don’t fancy

That doesn’t mean I’m unreal, I’m just being realistic.
Realistic because I know it’s just for a season perhaps just for today
And for today I can step out of my comfort zone.
I may settle for one shade for a season
But I’m still untamed, don’t box me up

Give me time and the colors will change.
After all I told you I’m dynamic.
Accept my diversity
See the beauty and at times the pain in my different shades
Don’t seek to understand, don’t seek to predict

Just inhale the freshness of each shade I present.
I may mix the shades leaving you confused
Don’t take it to heart, I’m not trying to send mixed signals
At times I get confused, uncertain, afraid
I may also not be aware of the mix

Just give me time to sort it out.
When it rains,my color may be washed away
Don’t be afraid to color me
And when the yellows, orange and reds glisten in the sun
You are welcome to bask in the warmth.

Whatever shade you see just remember that I’m an autumn leaf.

Autumn leaf, that is me!

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