2017 Africa Poetry Challenge

This is for lovers, readers, writers, appreciators, enthusiasts, friends and voices of African poetry.
The goal of this challenge is to showcase African poets and poetry,  for the love words well spent is telling our story.
The challenge has three categories :
1) Readers



-Aim to read at least 3 poetry books (whether anthologies by various authors or collections by individuals) either written by Africans or about Africa.

-Please share your reads by commenting on this post, posting reviews online with a link back to this challenge or featuring your reviews here as a guest blogger.

-Write a poem about Africa from whatever vantage you please, on whichever topic that touches on the continent.

-Number of pieces:

>1 for the rookie

>3 for the appreciator

>6 for the enthusiasts

>12 for the poet (a piece a month)

-Please share your pieces by commenting on this post, or posting online with a link back to this challenge and, or guest blogging here on AfroScribes.

If you have read or written African poetry books or pieces that you would love to share, please share the link below in the comments, or give information as to where the work is available in the case of hard copies.
The challenge runs from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017.
It’s as simple as that.

To the reader, may you be wooed, accosted, enthralled and pleasured by the majesty of hearts beating on pages.
To the poets, may your creative muse yield succulent, and may Africa in her magnificence come to life at the prance of your quill.
To those recommending, flood our reading lists with soul food, point us to wells of delight, and may the flavor you send our way boomerang back at you with greater intensity.
Happy book hunting, and happy reading to all.
To reach Afro Scribes , just leave a comment below or email afroscribes@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “2017 Africa Poetry Challenge

  1. you ask poets to submit poems by sharing a link in the comments box. WHat about new, emerging poets who do not have a website or blog? how can they submit poems? also, you do not seem to give the names of the authors and poets. How will readers know who has written the poems? How can they retain copyright of their work unless you give their names?


    1. Thank you for your questions Stella.
      -New, emerging poets can email their work to us on afroscribes@gmail.com and we will post the name of the poet along with their submissions.
      -The pieces you have so far read here are from our in-house poets who have chosen to remain anonymous. The works they have posted here have been previously published, so their copyrights are secure.


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