Mid Year African Literature Challenge

Mid Year African LiteratureReading Challenge (1)

Here’s a little reading jolt good people. We would like to psyche you up with a mid year challenge. With 6 months left in the year, here’s a reading challenge to close out the last half of the year with a number of reads completed.

6 African literature reads to wrap it up. That’s all.

1 anthology of short stories
1 on poetry (Either about poetry or poems themselves)
1 play (or a collection in a book)
1 non-fiction (History, Politics, Current affairs, et al)
2 fiction (Because reading one always leaves one with an appetite for a second helping)

That’s it dear ones. As simple as that.
The diversity is to enhance the experience and expose you to the wealth of literature Africa has to offer.

Please share what you discover on this adventure. We will share ours as well.

Enjoy your reading, and a fulfilling second half of the year.

This is one great thing that literature can do - it can make us identify with situations and people far away. -Chinua Achebe

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