Five Fave African Literature Blogs

Africa Day25th May 2018 (4)

Today we pause with the rest of Africa to celebrate Africa Day, which commemorates the founding of the African Union (formerly known as the Organisation of African Unity) on the 25th of May, 1963. The Union consists of all 55 countries on the continent.

Africa is a continent made up of 55 countries. Just putting it out there. Fun fact.

It is impossible to ignore the strides African Literature has made in tandem. So in perfect tune, we celebrate our own writers, bloggers, poets, story tellers, playwrights et al; Africans telling our story the African way.

To enjoy a taste of what the continent has to offer, here are just five of our favorite blogs that are exclusively dedicated to African literature. The list is way longer.
We picked these on the basis of their wide coverage and depth of insight shared in their chosen area of focus.

Without further ado, in no particular order:

The Woyingi Blog
We were drawn to this blog because of one of her goals, which is, as she states, “to help expose more people to writers, academics, and intellectuals from Sub Saharan Africa”.
If you are in need of a bibliography of African Literature, She dedicates a page to that, broken down by country. Grab a seat fellow literati. Happy sifting to you as you scour the list. Bliss!

Kinna Reads
On this blog, you will find a good mix of reviews and commentaries on novels, short stories and poems.
She shares a category on African women writers, and has for the last six years running hosted the Africa Reading Challenge. If you need some inspiration to read, make a beeline there. She makes it even easier by sharing Reading Lists and Resources on African Literature. Score!


James Murua’s Literature Blog
This has to be the go-to blog for news and reviews from the African literature scene. From book releases to awards to literary festivals, you name it. You’ll find it there.
Speaking of which, if you have been wanting the 411 on African Literature Festivals, look no further. Here’s a list of those you can attend this 2018. It’s not too late. Chalk it up to mid year bucket list items or goals. Win!

African Soulja
For the lovers of poetry, Here you will find a wide review of poetry from across the continent. Head on over to the categories of poems listed by country and pick a piece… or savor it all as any level minded enthusiast would do, one at a time of course. It is of essence that each piece seeps into our bones, and nerves, and sinews, carrying us away in the splendor of words lovingly mused over and strung together…Sigh!

African Poems
To quote the curator, “This site opens a window on something that will be new to most people, namely, the vast amount of superb poetry hidden away in the 3000 different languages spoken in Africa. So far over 300 poems have been posted to this site.”
Wow! Just, wow! We are here for all the shared oral poetry from Africa. Here, we camp readers. Get your hammocks. The categories boast a richness that we dearly appreciate the curator for. Praise poems, Protest and Satire.. the list goes on. That he gives an introduction to every category, we tip our hats. Very informative, and much appreciated.
It’s more than a fantastic anthology; it’s getting in touch with our roots, and learning more. Our story telling culture as Africans already ensures us that stories of old are hemmed in some of the poems. Selah!

We will now slink away silently to the corner as you dig in.

Do share your favorite sites and blogs in the comments so that we can all indulge.

Happy Africa Day.

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